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Best doctors and hospitals for Liver Transplant

doctors for liver transplant

Liver transplantation is a procedure where a diseased liver is replaced by a healthy one from another person. The donor can be deceased, but nowadays living donor transplants are done where part of the liver from a living person is donated to a patient with liver pathology. A liver transplantation is performed in cases where patients have sustained acute liver failure or who have end-stage liver disease. Around 30 million Americans are diagnosed with some form of liver disease, and each year over 20,000 new cases of primary liver cancer are diagnosed.

Liver transplants are highly regulated. Therefore, the procedure is only performed at designated treatment facilities by highly skilled and well trained surgeons with their medical teams.

The medical indications for performing a liver transplant include basically any acute or chronic condition that results in irreversible damage to the organ. These include autoimmune hepatitis, cholestatic liver disease, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), hepatocellular carcinoma, polycystic liver disease, and cryptogenic cirrhosis to name a few. The patients do have to fulfill certain criteria though before they are deemed as eligible for a new liver.

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The top hospital centers that perform liver transplants in the United States are all located on the Eastern part of the country. These are internationally renowned hospitals with world-class facilities that offer comprehensive services, and may already be known to many patients. We shall mention these centers as well as some of the best doctors who specialize in liver transplantations. 

Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL: Jackson Memorial hospital has one of the best liver transplant programs in the world where they perform up to 140 liver transplants annually. This center boasts one of the best clinical outcome statistics relating to transplant rates, graft survival and overall patient survival, which exceed statistical expectations. The main reasons for this are because the surgeons performing the liver transplants are highly trained, and they make use of a multidisciplinary team approach to take care of and manage patients adequately. Jackson Memorial hospital not only services the needs of patients around the United States, but from all over the world too. Surgeons from other transplant hospitals also send their complex cases to this medical facility. Some of the highest rated liver transplant surgeons at this facility include Dr Rodrigo M Vianna, Dr Ji Fan, Dr Gaetano Ciancio and Dr George W Burke. 

New York-Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY: New York-Presbyterian hospital has the Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation program that is dedicated to the management of children and adults with all types of liver diseases. They provide comprehensive services including diagnostic testing, medical management, surgical interventions, transplant procedures, and post-operative support to their patients. Up to date, this facility has performed over 2,000 liver transplants, and their outcome statistics surpass the regional and national averages. New York-Presbyterian’s liver transplant rate also exceeds the rate of other liver transplant programs in their region, and this translates to patients having the lowest risk of dying due to waiting on the transplant list. This facility sees patients from all over the United States as well as from all over the world. Highly rated liver transplant surgeons at this medical facility include Dr Benjamin Samstein, Dr Pedro R Sandoval, Dr Lloyd E Ratner, and Dr Sandip Kapur. 

UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside, Pittsburgh, PA: The philosophy of UPMC Presbyterian is to provide surgical options and liver transplant services to those patients who will benefit from such interventions, including those who are deemed high-risk by other transplant programs. The UPMC Liver Transplant program makes up part of the Thomas E. Starzi Transplantation Institute, where healthcare professionals incorporate a multidisciplinary approach to offer patients individualized and specific care and management depending on their needs. This multidisciplinary team will assess and let the patient know whether they will benefit from and qualify for a liver transplant within one week after the assessment is concluded. This liver transplant program is one of the largest in the United States and since the program was started in 1981, over 6,000 liver transplantations have been performed. Some of the highly rated liver transplant specialists at UPMC Presbyterian include Dr Allan Tsung, Dr Amit D Tevar, Dr David A Geller and Dr Paulo A Fontes. 

Mount Sinai Hospital, Ney York, NY: Mount Sinai Hospital includes the Adult Liver Transplant Program which is one of the oldest and largest liver transplant programs in the United States. This facility services patients with complex liver diseases, and they provide equal consideration amongst patients when deciding on organ eligibility. As a hallmark of this transplant unit, consideration for eligibility is done in a respectful and compassionate manner. This facility incorporates a multidisciplinary approach and makes use of the services of specialists in surgery, hepatology, surgical oncology, virology, transplant immunology, critical care, and anesthesiology. This team approach allows these healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive care and management of patients on an individualized basis. The Adult Liver Transplant Program at Mount Sinai makes use of state-of-the-art facilities and recent technologies and surgical techniques to offer the best outcomes for their patients. This facility has also developed outreach programs to services patients in areas such as New Jersey and Queens, and they are also establishing outreach programs to Long Island and Brooklyn. Top–rated liver transplant surgeons who offer their services at Mount Sinai include Dr Myron E Schwartz, Dr Sander S Florman, Dr Marcelo E Facciuto and Dr Spiros P Hiotis. 

The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins Liver Transplant Program offers skilled expertise in modern and state-of-the-art facilities which include the best one-year adult graft and patient survival outcomes in Maryland based on the Scientific Registry for Transplant Recipients data of 2016, living donor liver transplants in children and adults, innovations in the management of transplants for patients diagnosed with HIV and hepatitis C, and transplants performed for patients with acute liver failure. Patients are evaluated on a multidisciplinary approach where healthcare professionals such as surgeons, hepatologists, nutritionists, social workers, and psychologists help decide the best course of action together with the potential recipient. This evaluation takes between one to two months to be completed. Highly ranked liver transplant specialists at Johns Hopkins include Dr Andrew M Cameron, Dr Niraj M Desai, Dr Nabil N Dagher and Dr Benjamin Philosophe