Current Trends and Inefficiencies

  • 76% of patients visit hospital sites to find health related information. (Link)
  • 49% of the users initiate a search based on a disease or condition.
  • 83% of patients who booked appointments used hospital sites.
  • Most search interfaces allow patients to find a doctor by specialty or the doctor's name.
  • Current search engines do not allow patients to find a doctor for their specific disease, procedure or symptom.
  • Existing search interfaces assume that the patient knows specialties that treat their disease.

XpertDox Strength

  • Proprietary database of 6,000 diseases, 200 procedures, 150 symptoms, 110 specialties, and 1 million doctors in the U.S.
  • Exclusive network that maps all diseases, procedures, symptoms, and specialties to all doctors.
  • Over 20 data sources with 1 billion+ records.
  • A proprietary matching engine that ranks doctors on 5 critical domains for ALL diseases.

XpertDox Solution

  • A search bar with fuzzy matching that autocompletes patient’s query from a database of 40,000 keywords for all diseases, procedures, symptoms, and specialties.
  • The search results show list of in-network doctors that match the query. Patients will have the ability to further narrow their search using custom filters.

XpertDox Value Proposition

  • Increased conversion rate (website to appointments).
  • Internal resource for primary care doctors to identify in-network expert doctors for each disease.
  • Resource for out of network doctors to identify and refer patients to specialists in a health system
  • Patient satisfaction and possibly better outcomes.
  • XpertTrial™ : XpertTrial product offers a search engine for all ongoing clinical trials in the hospital system using our proprietary mapping and algorithm. Patients can register for clinical trials on the XpertTrial interface. The patients’ information will be shared on a HIPAA compliant secure platform with relevant principal investigators, and research nurses and coordinators in the health system.
  • XpertAppointment: On the results page, patients can see the clinic slots that are available and can then proceed with self-appointment.
  • XpertReferral is a Virtual Clinical Care Team Coordination software that allows referring physicians (both in-network and out of network) to send a referral to the in-network specialist. Value Proposition includes:
    • Increase referrals due to: (1) making the referral process simple, (2) allowing the referring physician to feel like they will not lose their referral because they remain part of the process, and (3) closing the loop.
    • Increases efficiency by managing internal workflow of virtual teams.
    • External (and internal if desired) medical image management system which is essential for most procedure referrals.

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