Current Solutions

  • Currently, there are no consolidated, expertly-curated resource for finding Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) for rare diseases.
  • Claims data are of little help: Of the 7,000 known diseases, less than 500 have an ICD10 code.

XpertDox Solution

  • XpertDox has created a proprietary database of over 6,000 diseases, 200 procedures, 130 specialties, 1 million doctors, and 4,500 hospitals.
  • XpertDox has curated an exclusive network that maps all diseases, procedures, specialties, doctors, and hospitals to each other.
  • Drawing form its database and network, XpertDox has compiled a personalized list of KOLs and hospitals for over 6,000 diseases.

XpertDox: Under the Hood

  • XpertDox leverages over 20 data sources with 1 billion+ records.
  • All the 1 million doctors are ranked on 5 critical domains for ALL diseases.
  • We do not use patient reviews in the algorithm thus reducing noise in KOL identification.
  • XpertDox has developed a proprietary matching engine to map all diseases to KOLs in the US.

XpertDox: Market Validation

  • XpertDox website gets visitors for over 2,200 diseases.
  • Of all users, we have robust user registration from 1,500 unique diseases.
  • Clients includes a large publicly-traded biopharmaceutical company, several emerging biotechnology companies, leading hospital systems and significant physician groups.

XpertDox Deliverables

  • XpertDox will provide the list of KOLs for any given disease within 1 week of signed MoU.
  • Full customization of search engine based on client request.
  • XpertDox can build and maintain a custom website for the client for their pipeline medicines.

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