XpertMatch API™

Current Trends and Inefficiencies

  • 84% of patients go online to find health related information. (Link)
  • 49% of the users initiate a search based on a disease or condition.
  • 54% of patients who booked appointments used Health Insurance websites.
  • Most search interfaces allow patients to find a doctor by specialty or the doctor's name.
  • Current search engines do not allow patients to find a doctor for their specific disease, procedure or symptom.
  • Existing search interfaces assume that the patient knows specialties that treat their disease.

XpertDox Strength

  • Proprietary database of 6,000 diseases, 200 procedures, 150 symptoms, 110 specialties, and 1 million doctors in the U.S.
  • Exclusive network that maps all diseases, procedures, symptoms, and specialties to all doctors.
  • Over 20 data sources with 1 billion+ records.
  • A proprietary matching engine that ranks doctors on 5 critical domains for ALL diseases.

XpertDox Solution

  • XpertDox will provide a cloud based solution (SaaS) that can integrate with existing payor interface
    • Single tenant product implementation with access to the data using APIs for search and data retrieval
    • First API (Search Bar) filters and parses the input text and autocompletes the patients’ query from a database of 40,000 keywords for 6000 diseases, 200 procedures, 110 specialties and 150 symptoms.
    • Second API maps the selected search term to the list of doctors and their attributes.
    • Attributes provided will allow patients to filter by specialty, location, and gender.

XpertDox Value Proposition

  • Increased conversion rate
  • Cost Savings: Fewer calls to the call center
  • Better match leads to better care
    • Fewer clinic visits,
    • Early appropriate care reduces costly complications, and hospitalizations
  • Marketing and differentiation
  • Patient & doctor satisfaction

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