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Founded in 2015 in Birmingham, Alabama, XpertDox is a healthcare data analytics company at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare processes and patient care. Our ongoing mission is to improve access to clinical trials and automate the medical coding process, leveraging the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Robotic Process Automation(RPA), and Big Data Analytics.

The Beginning

XpertDox was founded in Birmingham, Alabama, to leverage advanced data analytics to improve access to care.

XpertMatch Launch

Launched XpertMatch, a search engine to help patients with rare diseases find an expert physician. Currently unavailable, relaunch planned in 2025.

XpertTrial Launch

Launched XpertTrial, a platform for patients to find clinical trials for their condition at a given institution.

XpertScreen Launch

Launched XpertScreen, a physician-facing platform for cancer centers to automate pre-screening, referral, and recruitment into clinical trials.

XpertCoding Launch

Launched XpertCoding, an autonomous medical coding platform for urgent care.

XpertCoding Growth

Added connections to four EHRs and expanded implementation to three specialties.


XpertDox is constantly innovating to create diverse technology-driven products and services that help healthcare and life sciences organizations improve patient outcomes and operational efficiency.


Dr. Sameer Ather, a cardiologist and scientist, is the CEO and Co-founder. His integration of AI in medicine, particularly in cardiology, has significantly influenced XpertDox's approach, enhancing the accuracy and personalization of medical care. His innovative work in AI model development is central to our innovative strategies in healthcare technology.

Dr. Sameer Ather

Dr. Sameer Ather

CEO and Co-founder

Dr. Bhupesh Panwar, a nephrologist and scientist, is the COO and Co-founder. He brings a wealth of expertise in healthcare data analytics. His accomplishments in healthcare research and his deep understanding of healthcare dynamics are integral to our operations, especially in leading our data-driven healthcare solutions.

Dr. Bhupesh Panwar

Dr. Bhupesh Panwar

COO and Co-founder

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