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Clinical Studies


A clinical trials database management, search engine, and patient recruitment platform custom-built for each healthcare organization. Features include natural language processing, HIPAA compliant patient recruitment platform, trial management console, customized filters, and pre-screening capability.

Automated Clinical Trial Import
Synced with and internal trial databases

Natural language processing (NLP) search engine
Powered by 130,000 keywords to find trials for lay terms and spelling mistakes

Intelligent Trial Sorting
Uses proprietary algorithm that is superior to 

Automated Prescreening
Filter for functional status, previous treatments, mutations, markers, and coexisting diseases

Clinical Trial Registry
Matches registered patients to all ongoing trials at your site

Automated email notification
As new trials become active to registered patients based on their profile

Simplified trial description in multiple languages
At 5th-grade reading level in multiple languages  

Track marketing success

HIPAA compliant trial management console
Monitor trials and patients on the platform


A physician-facing internal platform for automated pre-screening, referral, and recruitment. Features include AI enabled advanced automated-prescreening, EMR integration for ease of access and automation, proprietary trial matching algorithm, and internal research communication platform.

EMR Integration
Integrates with EMR using SMART on FHIR

Automated Clinical Trial Import
Synced with and internal trial databases

Single Sign-On
Provider authentication transferred from EMR to the platform

Automated Prescreening
Based on patient profile imported from EMR based on presenting diagnosis, functional status, treatment status, disease stage, mutations, markers, coexisting diseases, laboratory studies, cardiovascular studies, and vital signs

Internal Research Communication Platform
Enabling referral from provider to study representatives

Track utilization

HIPPA Compliant Trial Management Console
Monitor trials and patients on the platform

XpertDox News

Our Partners

“XpertTrial continues to enable potential participants to learn about the innovative clinical care that is available at Lifespan. The platform has been successful in bringing information to patients already receiving care here, as well as those who are new to Lifespan Health System."

- Peggy, Lifespan Health

XpertTrial has helped UAB accelerate patient recruitment into clinical trials including patients new to the UAB system.” David Randall, SVP, Strategy and Business Development, UAB Health System

"XpertTrial is an efficient tool to find potentially relevant clinical trials and determine possible eligibility. It provides clinical trial coordinators with a valuable tool to manage the recruitment process and has allowed us to scale trial treatment options across populations." Dr Robert Kimberly, Director of UAB Center for Clinical and Translational Science

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