Find the Best doctor, Hospital or Trial for your Disease

XpertDox helps patients find the best care for their disease

6000 Diseases | 200 Procedures | 150 Symptoms | 130 Specialties
1 Million Doctors | 4,500 Hospitals | 20,000 Clinical Studies


Patients with rare or serious diseases need care from doctors who are expert in their disease. XpertDox has built lists of expert doctors, hospitals and clinical trials for around 6000 diseases enabled by a proprietary algorithm built by physician-scientists in the team and optimized using input from leading doctors in multiple specialties.

How is XpertDox different?

Leading doctor finding websites use patient reviews to give recommendations about a doctor. Unfortunately, the reviews do not convey the doctor’s expertise in a particular disease. At XpertDox, results are personalized for your disease by examining clinical experience, research experience and educational contributions of the doctor. XpertDox is built by doctors to help patients find expert care for their disease!



XpertDox has compiled a list of over 6000 diseases, 150 symptoms, 200 procedures and 130 specialties. Thereafter, XpertDox mapped all the conditions to approximately 1 million doctors, 4,500 hospitals and 20,000 clinical studies. Thus, patients get a personalized list of expert doctors, hospitals and clinical trials for their condition.


Physician reviews represent only the physician’s soft skills. In contrast to online physician review websites, XpertDox has evaluated doctors’ clinical expertise, research, educational contributions, and leadership roles for each condition. Overall, XpertDox has analyzed billions of data-points to provide patients a personalized 360-degree evaluation of a doctor.




Doctor review websites are dependent on few reviews that can be biased or easily influenced. In contrast to physician review websites, XpertDox’s doctor profiles are created by a unique algorithm giving patients a personalized and unbiased list of expert doctors for their condition.