An AI powered autonomous medical coding solution that accelerates revenue cycle, reduces costs and improves accuracy.

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What is XpertCoding?

As a healthcare provider, you should be paid promptly for the services you provide patients. Slow, inefficient, error-prone manual coding keeps you from the financial peace you deserve. XpertDox’s autonomous coding solution accelerates the revenue cycle so you can get back to focusing on providing great healthcare.

Fully Automated Solution

with minimal human supervision required

95% Code Submissions Automated

significantly reduces coding costs

24-hour Turnaround

accelerates revenue cycle

Over 30% Reduction in Denials

reduces claim rejections

EMR Integration

allows the XpertCoding engine to extract data from multiple sources and file claims

HIPAA Compliant Dashboard

for audit trail and tracking performance

Risk-free, Frictionless Pilot Program

you deserve to see the results firsthand before adopting a new technology


XpertCoding accelerates revenue cycle by automating the coding process

Audit Platform

XpertCoding comes with its own audit platform that allows you to

  • Track, trend, and gain insights into coding statistics.
  • Compare the performance of providers, payers, and clinics for:
    • MEAT documentation
    • ICD-10 coding and/or CPT utilization
    • Under & Over utilization of services

XpertCoding Benefits

Save cost

No setup fee. Manual coding cost reduction >50%

Analyze performance

Dashboard to analyze performance across providers, and sites over time

Audit trail

Easily accessible and HIPPA Compliant

Get money faster

Time to file a claim shortened to 24-48 hours

Fewer rejections

Translates to quicker billing and lower costs

Increase revenue

Higher accuracy ensures no ICD and CPT codes are missed

XpertDox vs. The Competition

Claims Submitted without Human Supervision>90%<90%
Training Period<1 month>1 month
Free Pilot Programyesno
Within 24-Hour Claim Submissionyes*
Audit Platformyes*
Requires IT Support from Clientno*
4 Step Quality Controlyesno



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