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Security & Compliance

At XpertDox, we prioritize security and compliance, which is why we have pursued a range of certifications that showcase our unwavering dedication to safeguarding our clients' information. Our comprehensive certifications span various subjects, including information security and disaster preparedness, aligning with our business philosophy to ensure our operations remain trustworthy and reliable.


XpertDox offers enterprise-level security features so you can set up rigorous controls for who can access, manipulate and delete data in your databases.

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Workforce Training

All team members receive training on security protocols and HIPAA compliance. We conduct monthly assessments and frequent training sessions to inform and mitigate risks from potential threats.

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Access Management

We ensure that access to critical systems is valid and properly configured and periodically review access to essential systems.

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Threat And Vulnerability Management

We perform quarterly penetration testing on our network and servers to ensure that access points are resilient to attacks and potential breaches.

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Infrastructure Security

We identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities through risk assessments, access controls, system monitoring, regular software updates, and policy controls.

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Incident Management

We have implemented clear protocols and procedures for reporting and responding to incidents, with designated key personnel roles and responsibilities. Such events can range from cyber-attacks and data breaches to natural disasters and employee misconduct.

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Application Security

We secure applications against unauthorized access, data breaches, and other attacks using code reviews, vulnerability testing, access controls, and encryption, among other measures.

Business Continuity

ISO 22301 is an internationally recognized standard for Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS) that helps organizations ensure the continuity of their critical business functions in the event of a disruption. It provides a framework for developing, implementing, and maintaining a robust BCMS that can help organizations respond to and recover from incidents such as natural disasters, cyber-attacks, or other unexpected events. ISO 22301 provides guidance on risk assessment, business impact analysis, and the development of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), which helps organizations minimize the impact of disruptions and ensure the smooth functioning of their critical business functions.

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Certification and Compliance

Undergoes independent verification of platform security, privacy, and compliance controls. Our strong and growing focus on standards and compliance will help you meet your regulatory and policy objectives.

ISO 22301 : Business Continuity Management

The continuity of an entire company can be impacted by natural disasters, endemic diseases, pandemic threats, and cyberattacks. XpertDox is ISO 22301:2019 certified by an independent third-party auditor, which examines the organization's controls and preparedness in the event of unexpected and disruptive incidents. With this certification, Xpertdox is business-continuity certified. This means that our client data and workflows are protected from unforeseeable events, such as a natural disaster or cyberattack.

27001 : Information Security Management

XpertDox considers information security management to be a crucial commercial differentiator. We therefore prioritize establishing reliable information security management practices and adhere to industry wide guidelines throughout the organization processes. Xpertdox has implemented the ISO 27001 information security framework and conduct extensive internal information security audits on a regular basis to ensure compliance with contractual commitments.

SOC 2 : AICPA Type 2

XpertDox is SOC2 Type2 certified. System and Organization Controls (SOC) Reports are the outcome of impartial third-party audits that look at how the company meets important compliance goals and controls. Your auditors and you will benefit from SOC2 Type2I report's which explains measures put in place by Xpertdox to protect data security, availability, confidentiality, and privacy, among other things.

HIPPA : HIPPA Compliance

XpertDox recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy and integrity of every individual’s health information. Xpertdox conducts compliance training programs for employees regularly. Xpertdox is HIPAA-ready and enables covered entities and their business associates to use a secure cloud database environment to process, maintain, and store protected health information (PHI). By adopting a best-practices approach to privacy and security, we deliver services and products with high ethical and quality standards, which enable our clients to meet HIPAA requirements.

Data Privacy and Management

Data privacy and management are essential steps for maintaining customer trust and protecting sensitive information from cyber threats and data breaches. By implementing effective data privacy and management practices, we can safeguard our reputation, reduce our risk of liability, and demonstrate our commitment to protecting the privacy and security of our customers' data.

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