XpertDox and PM Pediatric Care Announce Partnership to Enhance Medical Coding Efficiency

Collaboration between AI-driven data analytics company, XpertDox, and leading pediatric urgent care network, PM Pediatric Care, aims to enhance patient-centered care by leveraging XpertCoding, an autonomous medical coding engine.
BIRMINGHAM, Ala., June 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- XpertDox, an AI-driven data analytics company, and PM Pediatric Care, the leading pediatric urgent care network in the US, are pleased to announce their strategic partnership. The collaboration will empower PM Pediatric Care to optimize its medical claims coding process by harnessing the power of XpertCoding, an autonomous medical coding engine developed by XpertDox.
"PM Pediatric Care was founded in 2005 to create an alternative to the emergency department and a friendly care environment designed exclusively for children and young adults. Since then, PM Pediatric Care has expanded across the country to improve healthcare access, quality, and service. In addition to pediatric urgent care, PM Pediatric Care offers urgent care telemedicine, mental and behavioral health for children and young adults, and school health programs. With this partnership, PM Pediatric Care will leverage XpertCoding to continue its focus on patient-centered care while substantially increasing its medical coding efficiency."
XpertDox and PM Pediatric Care Partnership to Enhance Medical Coding Efficiency by Leveraging XpertCoding, an autonomous medical coding engine.
"PM Pediatric Care is a nationally recognized institution committed to caring for millions of young patients across the country. It is critical that we deploy innovative solutions that bring consistency and efficiency across our organization," stated Michael Bachman, COO of PM Pediatric Care. "XpertCoding, with its AI-enabled autonomous medical coding, will help us process claims faster, ensuring continued accuracy, ultimately resulting in improved patient satisfaction."
XpertDox is a data analytics company that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to analyze various healthcare databases , improving access to care and clinical trials. XpertDox's XpertCoding platform leverages NLP and AI capabilities to autonomously code medical charts within 24 hours, eliminating human intervention. By implementing XpertCoding, PM Pediatric Care will benefit from enhanced consistency, scalability, and efficiency in their practice.
For more information about this partnership or XpertDox's autonomous medical coding solutions, please contact XpertDox at 205-259-6045 or marketing@xpertdox.com

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