XpertDox at NERUCA 2023: Pioneering Change in Urgent Care with Automated Medical Coding

“Transforming Urgent Care through Innovation and Expertise.” -At NERUCA 2023, XpertDox showcased XpertCoding, their revolutionary AI-powered medical coding platform, transforming urgent care through enhanced accuracy, efficiency, and patient care focus.
December 20, 2023:XpertDox is excited to share our impactful presence at the NERUCA 2023 conference, a key gathering for Urgent Care professionals across the Northeastern United States. Held on November 6-7 in the vibrant city of Atlantic City, NJ, this event brought together industry leaders, practitioners, and innovators from states including Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
The conference served as a vital forum for Urgent Care professionals and leaders to engage with and learn about the latest trends and innovations in their field. It offered an array of expert-led discussions and presentations, providing participants with a deep understanding of the ongoing developments and future directions in Urgent Care.
The NERUCA 2023 conference, held at Harrah’s Atlantic City, NJ, was themed- "Raising the Bar," it featured educational sessions, workshops, and networking, focusing on the latest trends and innovations in Urgent Care. This annual conference, organized by the North East Regional Urgent Care Association, a chapter of the national UCA, served as a key platform for learning, discussion, and exploration of new products like XpertCoding in the Urgent Care sector, emphasizing patient-oriented and cost-effective healthcare.

XpertCoding the #1 AI-Powered Coding Platform for Urgent Care

At NERUCA, we showcased XpertCoding, our AI-driven solution designed to revolutionize Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and medical coding in Urgent Care settings. This platform exemplifies precision, speed, and compliance, crucial for modern healthcare operations.
Our participation in NERUCA 2023 involved in-depth interactions with Urgent Care experts and thought leaders, fostering a collaborative environment for sharing innovative ideas and solutions.
Led by our founders, Dr. Sameer Ather and Bhupesh Panwar, and team member Nick Pierce, we engaged in meaningful dialogues, emphasizing the transformative role of AI in enhancing Urgent Care delivery.
Our team provided compelling demonstrations, highlighting XpertCoding's capability to transform coding processes and optimize financial outcomes for Urgent Care providers.

How XpertCoding Improves Urgent Care Coding:

XpertDox Team at NERUCA 2023 Conference

1. Accuracy and Compliance for urgent care:

It ensures high coding accuracy and compliance in urgent care, crucial for healthcare regulation adherence.

2. Efficiency:

This system significantly speeds up the medical coding process, leading to faster billing and improved efficiency in urgent care centers.

3. Cost-Effectiveness for urgent care practices:

By automating coding, XpertCoding reduces labor costs, a vital factor for budget-conscious urgent care facilities.

4. Patient Care Focus:

Automating coding allows urgent care staff to concentrate more on patient care rather than administrative tasks.

5. Scalability:

XpertCoding offers scalable solutions for growing urgent care centers, adapting to changing healthcare needs and workloads.

6. Data Insights for Urgent Care Leaders:

The platform provides urgent care centers with data analytics and insights, crucial for improving patient care and operational efficiency.

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