XpertDox at UCA 2024: Showcasing AI-Powered XpertCoding

June 14, 2024, Las Vegas, Nevada: XpertDox attended the 2024 Urgent Care Convention held from April 13-17 at Caesars Forum in Las Vegas, NV. The theme of this year’s convention was "Recharge," building off the 2023 theme of "Driving Change," and with its innovative solutions, XpertDox embodied this spirit. The 2024 Urgent Care Convention, produced and presented by the Urgent Care Association and College of Urgent Care Medicine, was the premier event for Urgent Care professionals. The event hosted close to 1,000 people and was the most robust educational and networking event in the Urgent Care industry. Attendees enjoyed five concurrent educational tracks featuring clinical, operational, and hands-on sessions.
"We were thrilled to participate in this year's Urgent Care Convention," said Dr. Sameer Ather, co-founder and CEO of XpertDox. "We saw this event as a great opportunity to connect with industry leaders, share our latest products and services, and demonstrate our commitment to helping Urgent Care professionals deliver the highest quality care to their patients." XpertDox showcased its XpertCoding at Booth #212.
Dr. Bhupesh Panwar, COO, XpertDox and Mateo Montoya, CTO, XpertDox at the 2024 Urgent Care Convention in Las Vegas.
The Urgent Care Conference provided an excellent platform for XpertDox to showcase our cutting-edge #1 AI-powered medical coding software XpertCoding, designed to revolutionize the urgent care revenue cycle process. This event was a pivotal moment to experience firsthand how AI automation is setting new standards and expectations in medical coding for urgent care. As a healthcare provider, you should be paid promptly for the services you provide to patients. Slow, inefficient, error-prone manual coding keeps you from the financial peace you deserve. XpertDox’s autonomous coding solution accelerates the revenue cycle so you can get back to focusing on providing great healthcare.
Attendees had the opportunity to interact with our dedicated team members, including Dr. Sameer Ather, Co-founder and CEO; Dr. Bhupesh Panwar, Co-founder and COO; Mateo Montoya, CTO; and Nick Pierce, VP of Sales.
"The Urgent Care Convention is a must-attend event for anyone in Urgent Care looking to grow and connect with peers they may not have the opportunity to meet at any other time of year," said Dr. Sameer Ather. "We were happy to meet all the attendees as we Recharged while continuing to Drive Change."
About XpertDox: XpertDox is a software company based in Birmingham, Alabama, founded in 2015. It specializes in using innovative AI, NLP, RPA, and Big Data technologies for healthcare administration and medical coding. XpertDox's mission is to automate the medical coding process using AI, allowing healthcare providers to focus more on patient care. Its flagship product, XpertCoding, is a custom-built AI-powered medical coding software that automates the coding process using advanced AI, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning. XpertCoding’s AI medical coding engine accelerates the revenue cycle by automatically coding medical claims within 24 hours. This ensures faster and more accurate claims submissions, maximizing financial gains for urgent care organizations.
For more information about XpertDox, contact us here.
About the Urgent Care Association: The Urgent Care Association (UCA) is the largest trade association for Urgent Care, with a membership of more than 4,000 Urgent Care centers representing clinical and business professionals from the United States and abroad. For more information about UCA, visit https://urgentcareassociation.org/.

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