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Ribociclib Could be Used for Treatment of Glioblastoma, Study Suggests

Treatment of Glioblastoma

A scientific, experimental study has found that the drug ribociclib, recently approved for breast cancer, could be used for the treatment for glioblastoma, one of the most lethal types of cancers in the world today. Glioblastomas are notorious for remaining incurable due to the inherent intricate nature of these tumors, the inability of drugs to penetrate the deep parts of brain tissue, and the lack of synchronized and unbiased correlation between animal models and the human condition. In an innovative phase 0/2 study led by Dr Nader Sanai, the Director of the Ivy Brain Tumor Center at the Barrow Neurological Institute, the drug ribociclib was shown to penetrate the brain tumor properly, providing first evidence of clinically significant activity of this drug in management of human glioblastoma.

Data suggests that even though ribociclib is able to penetrate the tumor mass and put a halt on the tumor cells from dividing, some tumor cells are still able to evade the treatment. Dr Sanai expressed hope to be able to create the first ever drug cocktail that would treat these types of deadly brain tumors, reducing them at best to a manageable form of chronic disease. The Ivy Brain Tumor Center was founded in 2018 with the sole aim of developing and providing new treatment options for glioblastoma patients and the largest phase 0 clinical trials program in the world for brain tumor patients is conducted here.

Complete report can be read here