XpertDox at UCA Conference 2023: Reforming Urgent Care Medical Coding

In a remarkable display of innovation and industry leadership, XpertDox left a lasting impression with XpertCoding, an AI-enabled automated medical coding software, at the Urgent Care Association (UCA) 2023 Convention.
Jan 5, 2024, Las Vegas, CA: In an event marked by innovation and expertise, XpertDox proudly showcased our state-of-the-art #1 AI-powered medical coding software, XpertCoding, at the Urgent Care Conference 2023. This prestigious event, organized by the Urgent Care Association (UCA), was held from March 31 to April 05, 2023, at the Caesars Forum in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The conference assembled a diverse group of professionals from the urgent care sector, emergency care, immediate care, and primary care sectors. It fostered a melting pot of innovative ideas and advancements. XpertDox's participation highlighted our commitment to medical coding, enhancing efficacy, accuracy, and patient-centered care in urgent care through AI and automation.
Visitors to our booth witnessed firsthand the capabilities of XpertCoding, interacting with our founders Dr. Sameer Ather and Dr. Bhupesh Panwar, as well as team members, including Nick Pierce and Dakota Tippet. These interactions not only showcased our platform's features but also solidified partnerships and collaborative opportunities.

XpertCoding: A Game-Changer in Medical Coding for Urgent Care

XpertCoding is not just a product but a mission statement from XpertDox, symbolizing our dedication to transforming Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and medical coding within Urgent Care settings. This AI-driven platform is the embodiment of precision, speed, and compliance—essential components for the modern healthcare industry.

Key features of XpertCoding include:

XpertDox booth at UCC 2023 showcasing XpertCoding, the AI medical coding solution, with a representative and attendees in a conference hall.
XpertDox Booth at Urgent Care Conference 2023

Accuracy and Compliance:

Delivering exceptional coding accuracy, ensuring adherence to complex healthcare regulations.


Accelerating the medical coding process significantly, facilitating faster billing cycles and improved cash flow.

Cost Effectiveness:

Reducing overhead labor costs through medical coding automation, vital for budget-conscious urgent care facilities.

Patient Care Focus:

Empowering healthcare staff to dedicate more time to patient care by easing administrative duties.


Offering flexible solutions that scale with the growth of urgent care centers to meet healthcare's evolving needs.

Data Insights:

XpertCoding’s medical coding dashboard provides actionable data analytics and insights to drive improvements in patient care and operational effectiveness.

Engagements and Collaborations

Our engagement at the UCA 2023 Convention went beyond showcasing our product; it was about fostering relationships and sparking discussions that drive the industry forward. Our founders and team members engaged in rich, insightful conversations with other Urgent Care experts, reinforcing the critical role of AI in enhancing healthcare delivery.
From left to right, Dakota Tippet, Nick Pierce, Dr. Bhupesh Panwar, and Dr. Sameer Ather in front of the XpertCoding booth at the Urgent Care Conference 2023.
From left to right, Dakota Tippet, Nick Pierce, Dr. Bhupesh Panwar, and Dr. Sameer Ather in front of the XpertCoding booth at the Urgent Care Conference 2023.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to pioneer advancements in AI for urgent care, XpertDox is excited to announce our attendance at the upcoming Urgent Care Convention 2024. Themed 'Get Ready to Recharge,' this event promises to take the essence of innovation to new heights. Scheduled for April 13-17, 2024, at the CAESARS FORUM in Las Vegas.
Learn more and register today to be part of a transformative experience that redefines medical coding in urgent care with AI automation.

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