AI-Powered Medical Coding Software for Urgent Care

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>90%Automated Claims
99%Coding Accuracy
<24 HrsTurnaround Time

XpertCoding: Designed for Urgent Care

As an Urgent Care Organization, you should be paid promptly for the services you provide to patients. Slow, inefficient, error-prone manual coding keeps you from the financial peace you deserve. XpertDox’s autonomous coding solution accelerates the revenue cycle so you can get back to focusing on providing great healthcare.

Fully Automated Solution

With minimal human supervision required


EMR Connection

Allows the XpertCoding engine to extract data from multiple sources and file claims


Flexible Cost Structure

Pay a flat per claim to easily scale up and down with patient flow


Over 30% Reduction in Denials

Reduces claim / rejections


24 - Hour turnaround

Accelerates urgent care revenue cycle


HIPAA Compliant Dashboard

For audit trail and tracking performance across urgent care providers


Risk Free Implementation

With no implementation fee and free coding for the first month


30% Reduction in Coding Costs

With minimal human supervision required


Over 98% Coding Accuracy

Error-free AI-enabled coding for Urgent Care

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Audit Trail

Track Your Medical Coding Statistics

Benefits for Urgent Care

XpertCoding creates value for urgent care organizations by increasing revenue, saving costs, and standardizing clinical care and coding across all locations

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Save Cost

No setup fee. Manual coding cost reduction >50%

analyze icon

Analyze Performance

Dashboard to analyze performance across urgent care providers and sites over time

audit icon

Audit Trail

Easily accessible and HIPAA Compliant

speed icon

Get Money Faster

Time to file a claim shortened to 24-48 hours

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Fewer Rejections

Translates to quicker billing and lower costs for urgent care

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Increase Revenue

Higher accuracy ensures no ICD and CPT codes are missed

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What People are Saying

Photo of Melissa Ferro, CVMG Docs

Melissa Ferro

Director of Quality and Compliance
The adoption of XpertDox’s AI-enabled Medical Coding Software into our coding workflow marks a pivotal advancement. Specifically, across one of our key payors, we've observed a 32% enhancement in our quality scores.
Additionally, XpertCoding’s integration has led to a minimum projected Growth Averaging 23% per primary care physician in per member per month (PMPM) payments, accompanied by a minimum anticipated 19% Increase in Overall Practice Revenue.
Photo of Michael Bachman

Michael Bachman

PM Pediatrics
PM Pediatric Care is a nationally recognized institution committed to caring for millions of young patients across the country. It is critical that we deploy innovative solutions that bring consistency and efficiency across our organization.
XpertCoding, with its AI-enabled autonomous medical coding, will help us process claims faster, ensuring continued accuracy, ultimately resulting in improved patient satisfaction.
Photo of Candice Michaelsen, Positive Results Billing

Candice Michaelsen

Positive Results Billing
The rapid achievement of full operational capability, inclusive of EHR integration and AI training, far surpassed our expectations. XpertDox's AI-driven technology has greatly reduced charge entry delays to less than 24 hours, thereby expediting the revenue cycle.
photo of Scott Thrasher

Scott Thrasher, CPC

Director, Revenue Cycle Management
Urgent Care for Children

Implementation of XpertCoding at our urgent care centers has resulted in the need for fewer coding FTEs to keep up with surging COVID volumes, more accurate and consistent coding across claims, and accelerated claim submission leading to faster collections.

photo of Piyush Kedia

Piyush Kedia

EMP Claims

We have explored various autonomous medical coding solutions over the past few years to provide the best possible service to our clients, many of whom use AthenaHealth EHR. Among all its competitors, XpertDox's XpertCoding stood out for its remarkable speed of implementation, responsive team, and the precision and comprehensiveness of their coding engine.

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XpertDox vs Others

Features XpertDoxOthers
90% - 100%
60% - 80%
Free Coding for the First Month
No Implementation Fee
Training Period
<1 Month
>1 Month
Cost for Urgent Care
Within 24-Hour Claim Submission
Audit Platform for Urgent Care
Requires IT Support from Client
4 Step Quality Control

Security & Compliance for Urgent Care

At XpertDox, we prioritize security and compliance which is why we have pursued a range of certifications that showcase our unwavering dedication to safeguarding our urgent care clients' information. Our comprehensive certifications span various subjects, including information security and disaster preparedness, aligning with our business philosophy to ensure our operations remain trustworthy and reliable.
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Electronic Health Record art graphic

EHR Compatibility for Urgent Care

XpertCoding is an EHR-agnostic platform, compatible with all electronic health record (EHR) systems. It uses API, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), SMART on FHIR, and HL7 ADT Messaging for connections with various EHR and practice management (PM) systems. Currently, it supports platforms such as Epic, Athena, eClinicalWorks, and ModMed. Implementation times range from a few days for the EHRs listed above to 4 to 6 weeks for integrating with new EHR and PM systems.
Electronic Health Record art graphic

Check out XpertCoding on Athena Marketplace.

You can find XpertCoding in Connection Hub on Epic Showroom.

Check out XpertCoding on Athena Marketplace.

You can find XpertCoding in Connection Hub on Epic Showroom.

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